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Tao album review: Jazz à bâbord / Improjazz

Review of AfuriKo’s Tao album (2019) on Jazz à bâbord. French critic Bob Hatteau’s blog features album reviews, artist interviews, and covers live jazz shows occurring in and around Paris. The article (PDF version here) was also featured in the October 2019 issue of a magazine published by Improjazz, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and distributing improvised musics and all kinds of jazz.

🇫🇷 “À l’image de la pochette du disque, un yin et un yang aux couleurs chamarrées d’un papillon ou d’un boubou, Tao marie l’Afrique, l’Asie et l’Occident dans un joyeux melting pot de notes et de rythmes.”

🇬🇧 “Just like the CD cover, a colorful yin-yang symbol reminiscent of a butterfly or a boubou dress, Tao blends African, Asian, and Western influences in a joyous melting pot of notes and rhythms.”

Bob Hatteau, Jazz à bâbord/Improjazz
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Tao album review: All About Jazz

“AfuriKo: Tao.”

Review of AfuriKo’s third album Tao by Geno Thackara on All About Jazz, “a web site produced by jazz advocates, jazz professionals, and web technicians, [ whose ] mission is to provide information and opinion about jazz from the past, present, and future. Thinking both globally and locally, [ they ] deliver reviews of jazz from around the world as well as interviews with international musicians.”

AfuriKo: Tao
All About Jazz
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Tao album review: Festival Peak

“In AfuriKo’s enchanting world, music opens up to every kind of interpretation.”

Review of AfuriKo’s third studio album Tao by “Jazz Medium” Carol Banks Weber on Festival Peak (February 2019), a blog with “words about experiencing music.” Carol uses her heightened awareness, hyper-empathic qualities, and true fondness of jazz to write vivid accounts of what she sees, hears, and feels when listening to music.

🇬🇧 “AfuriKo’s new music really flies in the face of jazz, opening up your ears to a world of possibilities.”

🇫🇷 “Défiant l’essence même du jazz, la nouvelle musique d’AfuriKo ouvrira vos oreilles à un monde de possibilités.”

Carol Banks Weber, Festival Peak

🇬🇧 “Tao taps into a prism of rhythmically diverse jazz fusion.”

🇫🇷 “Tao puise dans un prisme jazz fusion d’une grande diversité rythmique.”

Carol Banks Weber, Festival Peak
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Le Baiser Salé concert announcement on Le jars jase jazz

20170217 Baiser Salé
Double bill concert “AfuriKo + Jim Funnell’s Word Out” at Le Baiser Salé (an inimitable Parisian jazz club when it comes to jazz with a world music flavour!) announced on jazz critic Guillaume Lagrée’s blog “Le jars jase jazz:” Jazz concerts selection in Paris and Île-de-France for February 2017.

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“Sounds of Latin Jazz” concert review (Jazzmandu 2016): The Himalayan Times

Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban tunes strike the right chord
Article in The Himalayan Times, Nepal’s largest selling English daily newspaper, reviewing AfuriKo’s concert at “Sounds of Latin Jazz.” The event was part of Jazzmandu, otherwise known as Kathmandu Jazz Festival (or the “Biggest Jazz Party in the Himalayas!”) and took place at the Summit Hotel in Patan (Lalitpur) on October 23, 2016.

🇬🇧 “… the magic of their music slowly took over the venue.”

🇫🇷 “… la magie de leur musique s’est lentement emparée de la salle”.

HNS, The Himalayan Times
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On the Far Side album review: Afrique Asie

AfuriKo, On the Far Side (F-IRE)
Review of AfuriKo’s debut album On the Far Side in Afrique Asie (November 2014), a monthly magazine that focuses on the African and Asian continents at large, specializing in political analysis and economical, social, and cultural information. Edited in Paris, the publication is regularly distributed in over fifty countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, as well as North and Latin America.

🇫🇷 “Une musique qui respire, pulse, bifurque, badine. Inclassable et jouée avec une exquise délicatesse, au détour d’improvisations sournoises. Élaborée et à la fois sincère et spontanée. AfuriKo est en principe un duo absolument atypique. … À découvrir d’urgence et à y entrer doucement.”

🇬🇧 “Music that breathes, pulsates, bifurcates, trifles. That is unclassifiable and played with exquisite delicacy, in the course of sly improvisations. Elaborate yet sincere and spontaneous all the while. AfuriKo is in essence an absolutely atypical duo. … I urge you to discover them and slowly enter their world.”

M. M., Afrique Asie