On the Far Side interview:

Interview on Bob Garcia’s (published November 6, 2014), “la première chaîne de télévision consacrée exclusivement à l’actualité du jazz” (the first television channel devoted exclusively to jazz news) for the release of AfuriKo’s debut album On the Far Side.
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On the Far Side album review: Afrique Asie

AfuriKo, On the Far Side (F-IRE)
Review of AfuriKo’s debut album On the Far Side in Afrique Asie (November 2014), a monthly magazine that focuses on the African and Asian continents at large, specializing in political analysis and economical, social, and cultural information. Edited in Paris, the publication is regularly distributed in over fifty countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, as well as North and Latin America.

🇫🇷 “Une musique qui respire, pulse, bifurque, badine. Inclassable et jouée avec une exquise délicatesse, au détour d’improvisations sournoises. Élaborée et à la fois sincère et spontanée. AfuriKo est en principe un duo absolument atypique. … À découvrir d’urgence et à y entrer doucement.”

🇬🇧 “Music that breathes, pulsates, bifurcates, trifles. That is unclassifiable and played with exquisite delicacy, in the course of sly improvisations. Elaborate yet sincere and spontaneous all the while. AfuriKo is in essence an absolutely atypical duo. … I urge you to discover them and slowly enter their world.”

M. M., Afrique Asie