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Group lessons (workshops/master classes)

  • Making Music Without Borders – Finding inspiration in tradition and embracing the musical self

As Kenny Werner puts it: in jazz, “INNOVATION IS THE TRADITION” (Effortless Mastery, 2011). But how is it possible to organically integrate elements of a given musical tradition into one’s own composing or playing? In other words, to search for inspiration within a tradition while truly embracing the musical self and letting one’s inner voice blossom?
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  • Collective Music Making as a Tool for Leadership and Co-Inception

All around the globe, most time-honored musical traditions have developed in a communal way, with all members of a given community engaging in musical activities together in daily life. This kind of music making has, to some extent, been forgotten in our modern society where it often seems to be reserved to an elite of performers and composers. But the benefits of communal music making are great and can be applied to a wide variety of professions and situations, as well as enhance self-confidence and stimulate creativity.
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In the past, AfuriKo has worked with companies and institutions such as:

Please check their itinerary for a full list of past and upcoming workshops.

Private lessons (percussion and piano/keyboards)

Based in Sunnyside, Queens, Akiko and Jim are both available for one-to-one tuition in New York City. However, no worries if you do not live in the Big Apple: you can always schedule a lesson from the comfort of your home via Lessonface, a popular platform for live online music lessons.

You can also catch them in your town whenever AfuriKo is on the road! They perform extensively across Europe and Japan on a regular basis, and have recently began to expand their geographical reach (performing at Jazzmandu in Nepal last year for example, and currently planning shows in Hong Kong and Taiwan…). So don’t forget to check their itinerary for their full touring schedule!

If you have any questions, or would like to request details about rates/scheduling, please email booking.afuriko@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!