Thank (haik)u!

“A muffled thud, and
the harlequin butterfly
soars into the light.”

Dear backers, dear friends, congratulations! We finally reached our goal together!

Thank you for infusing us with hope, love, enthusiasm, and motivation all along the way: you really kept us going! We are now about to put the finishing touches to the album at Metropolis Studios in London. We will also be on tour in the UK this month and definitely look forward to seeing those of you who are based in England and Wales.

Thank you also once again to Laurent Maget, Charles Frossard, Chris Hayward, Margaux Couet, Diana Xecu and Ray Xecu for being wonderful friends and collaborators on this project.

The haiku above is an image that came to mind when reflecting on the many emotions Akiko and I went through during the first part of the production process for Tao. It is also a celebration of the transformative powers of the butterfly, and it will be featured on the poster some of you have chosen as a reward.

AfuriKo is very much looking forward to taking the next step on this journey with all of you! We’ll be in touch soon with more exciting news, and wish you all the best in the meantime.

Jim & Akiko (AfuriKo)